Atlantic Picture Company currently retain the services of Gareth Jones who acts as the company's primary advisor and consultant on financing, sales and distribution. Gareth has worked closely with the APC producing team for several years and is currently engaged on all the company's slate of films supervising all aspects of their financing, sales and distribution. His extensive expertise, experience and long standing relationships in the film distribution arena enable the company to negotiate the best possible financing and distribution deals available.  

Gareth has over 27 years of experience in film financing, sales and distribution, with such films as Withnail and I, Mona Lisa, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Hard Word, Secretary and Open Range amongst just a few of the over 50 theatrically released films he has contributed his services to. A former MD of George Harrison's film company Handmade Films as well as Alibi Films (which later became Content Films) as well of Head of Production and Financing for Winchester Films. he most recently sold Psych 9 and 4,3,2,1 to Universal and We are the Freaks to Metrodome. 


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