Rogue One receives Oscar nomination

Rogue One 

Alongside his work at Atlantic, company co-director Chris Taylor is also an accomplished visual effects artist whose work can be found in many of today’s biggest blockbusters. As a long time Star Wars fan it was with great excitement that Chris accepted a recent position with Jellyfish Pictures helping shape the visual effects of the latest film in the franchise, the highly anticipated Rogue One. 

Working closely with director Gareth Edwards in a small team for much of 2016, Chris began as a post visualization artist before becoming one of the film’s post-viz supervisors. Once post-viz was complete he joined the team of visual effects artists back at Jellyfish's main base creating the incredible final VFX for the movie. 

For the large team of visual effects artists involved all the hard work paid off with the film garnering rave reviews and grossing over a billion dollars worldwide at the box office. Now it can add prestigious award nominations to its success with the nomination of an Academy Award for Special Visual Effects. Although this is the second Oscar nomination for visual effects which Chris has been a part of, the first being Guardians of the Galaxy in 2015, his work on Rogue One was far more substantial. As well as an Oscar nomination, the film was also recognised by BAFTA for it’s visual effects work, making it the third BAFTA nominated film that Chris has contributed to, along with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Dark Knight Rises.

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